BREYER e-MachineView

Actual view on your BREYER machine panel


With BREYER e-MachineView you have a web view of the BREYER machine panel for your technical department, development and production management.

Support your plant operator quickly in case of problems or questions by looking at the current BREYER control panel directly from your office.


  • Your direct way between shop floor and office
  •  Share the BREYER machine panel
  • Easy creation of screenshots for documentation
  • Browser application, no software installation required
  • Encrypted and therefore secure data connection according to ISO 27001 certified security standard

Share the view of the control panel and discuss operating modes and improvements from the office or from the meeting. Conversely, the system operator can be sure that he retains control sovereignty. Other users are only granted read access.

BREYER e-MachineView is an indispensable tool when creating work instructions or documentation with screenshots of the HMI panels.